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We Are Clear Air Turbulence!
(Hello Cleveland!)

Kevin not shown (because he wasn't there that night)

Clear Air Turbulence

We got the name from the Iain M. Banks novel "Consider Phlebas", an amazing novel of his Culture series. Highly Recomended.
We write original modern rock about our lives, and the places we know & love. Paul, Ray & Bernie got together in the Fall of 1996, searched for a bass player for a long time, because Bernie was sick of playing the bass-parts on the keyboards, and found Kevin (not shown). We use a Mac to run the drums and sequence the more involved parts, Ray wails on his Fender, and Paul croons into a Shure mic. Kevin's bass is refered to affectionately as "Dino" because of the case's resemblance to a certain snorkasaurus (see The Flintstones). We are currently in the midst of an equipment crisis, beacuse we lost our PA during a roomate shuffle. We look forward to a CD sometime in the Spring of 1999. Cheers!
I promise to get a pic of Kevin up real soon!
Oh yeah, we're from Boston!

We're looking for a drummer,
somebody wild enough to follow the insane patterns 
we've laid down on the Mac, but cool enough to get along. 
Contact us below.

Thanks to our photographer of the evening,
Dawna Schaub

Bernie McGeehan

Copyright 1998 Clear Air Turbulence All rights reserved This page was last updated on the 28th of September 1998 during a nasty bout of kidney stones. :( bummedohboy!
Go check out our friends BOTTOM. They are cool, and have sounds on their page. We'll get to it, as soon as I'm feeling better. By then we should have pix of all 4 of us.

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[There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch]
Oo bwi, ach malchick!
[rough translation: "Oh boy! Wallpaper!]

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