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This is Free Trader Beowulf calling anyone...Mayday, Mayday...we are under attack...main drive is gone...turret number one not responding...Mayday...losing cabin pressure fast...calling anyone...please help...This is Free Trader Beowulf...Mayday...

Hang in there Beowulf...Help is on the way!

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Foursuns system

I've played Traveller in several incarnations (CT, MT, GURPS), for quite a while now. I enjoy the star system and planetary development aspects, as I've been a fan of "hard" SF since I was a wee bairn. Loved the realism of Poul Anderson's worlds, Larry Niven's vast scope, and now Iain Banks' even vaster scope. I got turned onto Traveller not long after it was 1st published, and had a boxed copy for a long time. I think it finally was lost somewhere between home and University...really quite a shame. Around the same time, I read the Mote In God's Eye, and the article in Galaxy magazine, The Making of The Mote In God's Eye. I was hooked.

I wandered into the Compleat Strategist last week & bought the GURPS Traveller book, and the book First In, the scout service book, as well as the design & construction of worlds. Cool beans, I thought, and started reading through them. Within a day I was plotting the next Traveller campaign...

Re-Contact the Hard Way, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service

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Solomani Scout (circa 2150 AD)